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This webpage is your resource for Irish events in the greater Baltimore / Washington metro area.
Ongoing Ceilis. Sessions, Music and Dance classes, etc. are listed as recurring events, so be sure to check there in addition to the listing of upcoming events

I have been following Irish music and dancing for fifty years. I started dancing in 1981 and playing since 2010. In 1997 I created the first version of this website as a resource for activities in the Baltimore-Washington related primarily to Irish traditional music, dance and culture. After 23 years I gave it an upgrade.

We are very fortunate that there is so much talent and so many things that happen in Baltimore / Washington area. A lot of things tend to come together at the last minute, and it’s hard to get the word out. My goal is to help let people know about events that are on the horizon, as well as some things that happen on a recurring basis.

Many people travel to this area, whether for business or pleasure, and would like to know where there is a good session, ceili, or concert. It can be a challenge to locate and connect with local musicians and dancers. I hope these listings help them to find what they are seeking–be it a local session or a group on tour.

If you organize such activities, or learn of an event that’s not already listed, feel free to send me the details. (greenfeet@aol.com) If it is more than two weeks away, I should be able to add it to the list. If it’s less than two weeks, you’ll understand why you may not see it.

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